Despite the reassurances, doubts remain

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The basis of the functioning of vaccines is the high specificity of the antibodies they produce against a part of the virus called antigen. The relationship between the antigen and its antibody is the same as that of a key with its lock. Vaccines against SARS-Cov-2 are aimed at producing antibodies against the spike protein of the virus, which represents the antigen. Mutations in the English variant of the virus have modified this spike protein, so it is legitimate to wonder if vaccines designed more than 6 months ago are still effective. The lock has changed and it is unlikely that the previous key will be able to open it. It is for this reason that the flu shot differs from year to year. We receive reassurances on the effectiveness of the vaccine on the English variant of the virus, but they are reassurances based on nothing, there are no studies that support them. If this were really the case, why did they rush to close the links with England?