What will happen upon the arrival of the flu?

At the first manifestations, the symptoms of the flu are indistinguishable from those of Covid: the same loss of smell, very frequent in the Coronavirus, can be present in the flu as in the common cold.

The only diagnostic tool currently available is the nasopharyngeal swab, but with the overload of requests, the times for carrying out and obtaining the answer will become biblical. However, it has now been established that Covid requires immediate treatment to avoid the damage that would then become permanent.

It is easy to predict that there will be numerous panic situations, with many people destined to come out psychologically exhausted from this experience.
The optimal treatment in this early stage of the disease is represented by antiviral drugs, hyperimmune serum or monoclonal antibodies (assuming they work, and in any case not available for cost reasons … as well as organizational), or by methylene blue (MB), which has demonstrated extraordinary antiviral activity in the test tube and which has all the necessary requisites to prevent the subsequent catastrophic inflammatory reaction.

For further details:
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