One of the main problems arising following the Covid-19 epidemic is the excessive influx of patients in the emergency room and the subsequent saturation of available beds in intensive care and in hospital wards.

The diagnosis and treatment of all other diseases have been delayed, and will inevitably show an increase in mortality.

To date, there is no proven therapy for Covid-19, except for a mild efficacy of cortisone (Mayo clinic: Treatment Considerations for COVID-19. A Critical Review of the Evidence (or Lack Thereof)

All the drugs under study (antivirals, anticitokines, hyperimmune plasma, etc.) are tested on hospitalized patients, while terapeutic availability for primary healthcare is non-existent.

Here, the disease has free rein and decides undisturbed who and how many are to send to hospital.

Given that methylene blue can also be administered into a vein to hospitalized patients, having a handy and low-cost drug that can be administered by mouth to home patients is a significant advantage.

It has no side effects and very strong theoretical prerequisites to function, especially in the initial stages of the disease.

There is no proof of a large-scale experimentation, but the alternative is zero.