Do or don't?


This is what many are wondering when their turn comes.

The epidemic shows no sign of dying out, we have been in check for a year and the end of the nightmare is not expected soon. The vaccine can represent the solution to the problem, by immunizing a large part of the population, the virus stops circulating and the epidemic dies out. In the meantime the virus is undergoing a series of mutations (English variant, South African variant, US variant) that risk making the vaccines studied on the original form, the Chinese virus, ineffective. Therefore it is important to vaccinate as many people as possible quickly, and in this sense mass participation in this campaign is useful. After inoculation, important side effects have been reported in a negligible number of cases, while fatigue, headache, muscle aches, fever are quite frequent. However, this class of vaccines is different from the traditional ones because it acts by temporarily modifying the information in our DNA, and the manufacturers take precautions by inserting the phrase “It is not possible at the moment to predict long-distance damage” in the informed consent. The Ministry is silent on this, giving the bad impression of wanting to cover up the issue, but it should clarify through its experts to convince those still in doubt to get vaccinated.